Benefits of Christian Education

There are many benefits for choosing a Christian Education for your child!


Nurturing a Strong Christian Foundation

Academic Excellence

Providing a Safe and Loving Environment

Teachers Who Care and are Accessible

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The Benefits of Christian School Education

The member schools of Christian Schools of Palm Beach County were in kind established to provide a quality Christian education, under girded by a vital faith in God and in the Bible as the revelation from God. The Bible is the source that provides the foundation for the interpretation of any subject or any school activity. As the center of the curriculum, it is further revealed that He is the center of all truth, knowledge, and wisdom. The desire is to please God in all things.

The overall goal and objective is to disciple saved students in Christian growth, to bring any unsaved student to Christ through a personal relationship and faith in Him, and to develop a Christian mind so the student can fulfill God’s will for his/her life, both vocationally and personally. The Biblical mandate for educating children is given to parents, and CSPBC fully supports the home in teaching children to love God and to give Him pre-eminence in their lives and to give Him the best they have to offer in any endeavor.

Furthermore, it is the purpose of the member schools of Christian Schools of Palm Beach County to provide a safe, nurturing environment that is conducive to learning about God, His Word, and His plan for each life. The member schools of the CSPBC are a vital component in the development of each child and is a support system to the home and church. The member schools view themselves as being in partnership with the home, and therefore, a responsive listener to it.

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